This study is designed to assist you in understanding some of the foundational principles in your new life as a follower of Jesus. Foundations is helpful if you are a new Christian or someone who has been saved for a while but would like some foundational knowledge about this newfound faith in Jesus.

Topics include: New Life, Prayer, The Bible, The church, Water Baptism, and The Holy Spirit.

Monday Evenings, 7-7:30pm, ZOOM.

These six sessions will be on repeat. You can jump in whenever and finish them all! We plan to add more times and days in the future.

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A Disciple is defined in basic terms as a follower, an imitator, a student or pupil. Discipleship is the process of spiritual growth and development that implies a determination to follow after the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, seeking to be an ambassador of God’s kingdom. What could a church full of disciples do for this community?

Topics include what is discipleship, Call to discipleship, discipleship character, Change: friend or foe, and many more!

THE NEXT 8 WEEK SESSION WILL START AFTER EASTER - APRIL 3RD. The first and last session will be at NCCC and the other six will be in person or on ZOOM.