Maybe you have heard the statement, "Time heals all wounds." This is not a true statement. There is nothing magical about time. The truth is, time often makes things worse! When you ignore a hurt, that wound does not get better. Wounds that are left untended will fester and spread infection throughout our entire live and eventually into the lives of others. 

Celebrate Recovery is based on the eight principles from the Beatitudes and when applied to our lives, we grow spiritually, and are freed from our hurts, habits, and hang-ups. These biblical principles, when applied to our lives, not only allow us to grow spiritually, but free us from our sinful nature, drawing us closer to a stronger personal relationship with God and others. At CR you will find a community of people who are on a journey to let go of the past and to pursue the life God has intended for them.

We are meeting every Tuesday night from 6-7pm! We will meet together in a large group for a time of worship, followed by one of the following: teaching, testimony, or small group.