Xtreme Kids is for Kindergarten through 6th Grade children. There is age-specific worship, teaching, crafts, and more during Xtreme Kids. Kids are encouraged to live their lives for Jesus and to love others around them.

VISION: “Pursuing an Xtreme love for a God who loves kids”

We do this by providing an atmosphere where children can experience extreme enjoyment while at the same time developing an unwavering love for God. Our Xtreme Kids program emphasizes growing in love for God by learning about His love, embracing His commands, and caring for others through an outward demonstration of serving. Our quality team of volunteers seeks to help your child cultivate an unwavering love for God.

There are two kiosks in our lobby where you will be able to check in your kids. There is always someone with a name tag, and iPad, and a friendly smile available to help you. Parents will be given a security-tag when checking in their kid. This will be used when picking up your kid.  This ensures that only the person with the security-tag may pick up your kid.

Every adult (18 years or older), teacher or classroom helper in Xtreme Kids has received a background check. Those checks are renewed every three years. We have volunteers assigned to watch over our Xtreme Kids Ministry.