September 29th - October 27th
7pm-8:30pm @ NCCC
9th Grade - Adults

Anti-race/ism Curriculum Specialist, Dr. Lucretia Berry and Team Brownicity designed the What LIES Between Us series to guide, support, and equip 'new comers' with an analytical framework for examining race and racism in the United States. You will be equipped with a historical, political, and social context for understanding race/ism and how it is sustained. The content will allow you to build a sound knowledge base and develop a perspective beyond popular discourse and uninformed opinions.

With each module, you will receive instruction and engage in heart work, which includes reflective journaling and completing assignments.  

Topics covered include:
  • How/why race/ism was created
  • Reinforcing narratives and policies
  • Immigration Intersection
  • Analysis of structural power
  • Brain and belief bias

Page 23 from "What Lies Between Us" Workbook: "No part of this experience is intended to imply fault, blame, condemnation, or shame towards anyone or any people group. Shame and blame is not what we do! And we firmly believe and affirm that that 'guilt-blame-shame' approach is never okay and is, in fact, counterproductive."

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