Social Distancing
We ask you to practice social distancing inside the church as well as in the parking lot. We ask you to keep your hands, feet, and elbows to yourself at all times. While some are ready to high five, shake hands and hug, many are not. Let's be full of love and respect for others!

Face Masks
Face Masks are not required to attend a service, but you are definitely allowed to wear one.

Kovenant Kids and Xtreme Kids
Kovenant Kids and Xtreme Kids are closed during this initial reopening. However, Pastor Dan will be sharing a message for all of the kids and kids at heart during our three weekend services.

Mom's Suite/Diaper Changing Stations
Our Mom's Suite is open for nursing mothers and is equipped with a Koala Care changing station. We also have Koala Care changing stations in the men's and women's bathrooms.

We have arranged our sanctuary chairs to accommodate social distancing guidelines. Rows are spaced six feet apart from one another, and the Connect team will help you maintain 3 chairs of separation between households in each row. If you came together, you can sit together.

Closed Spaces
Some gathering spaces will be temporarily closed. This includes: the lobby area, coat room, and drinking fountain (with the exception of the bottle re-fill feature). We encourage you to find your seat in the Sanctuary and get to know the people around you while maintaining social distance.

Hand Sanitation
Extra hand sanitizers are available in the Lobby and Sanctuary!

We encourage you to continue giving online. However, a bucket will be available in back of the Sanctuary if you prefer to give in service.

When you arrive at church, the doors will be opened for you 15 minutes before service begins, and you will be greeted with a smile! We will not have greeting time during service.