Community Groups

Community Groups are an important part of what we do as a church. We believe that life change occurs as we are growing in a relationship with Christ. This happens best when we are in relationships with others who are seeking this same goal. Community Groups provide you with the opportunity to connect with others and grow in your relationship with Christ. Are you ready to be a part of a Community Group? If so, please fill out the form below and we will place you in that group!

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All of the Community Groups are located in Fort Dodge and meet weekly (unless otherwise noted).  The Topic being discussed will be the current Sermon Series.  

There are also two different age categories: Everyone (Age 0+) and Adults (Age 18+) 

Community group videos

Should you go to a Community Group? Most definitely!  

Check out the top 5 reasons for YOU to join a Community Group!  Or watch Stand and Heidi's story about what Community Groups mean to them!